Material Obsession has joined the Aurifil bandwagon! After listening to our specialist tutors and customers sing the praises of Aurifil thread, we started stocking the thread late last year. We now have a selection of 50 weight and 40 weight Aurifil threads.

We are also excited to launch our Thread Club covering the 50wt thread. Aurifil Cotton Mako' Ne 50 is ideally suited for appliqué of all types - from needle turned to prepared shapes as well as blind hem machine appliqué. Mako' Ne 50 can also be used for traditional hand piecing and English paper piecing. The 50 wt cotton is the thinnest of the Aurifil threads, which means flatter seams and less bulk when multiple seams come together.

The Material Obsession Thread Club is a 12 month program and will deliver to you 72 spools (200 m each) of Aurifil's Cotton Mako' Ne 50 thread in a mix of colours across the Aurifil colour families and within each family, a mix of light, medium and dark values - as well as a storage container in which to store the thread.

We have worked with Aurifil to choose colours that we think will work beautifully with the colours and mix of fabrics for which Material Obsession is renowned. In the first month, you will receive a storage box and 6 spools of thread. You will then receive 6 spools of thread in each of the following 11 months. The mail out schedule has been well planned so that you will receive colours across the spectrum throughout the year - so they'll be instantly useful.


Aurifil has a great system for colour coding their spools and number coding each colour -- Aurifil's 252 colour colours are number coded in a uniform way for each weight of Cotton thread Aurifil offer -- you can use the colour numbers to choose colours for machine piecing and quilting (40wt) and quilting weight thread (28wt and 12 wt). We will be able to order in specific colours and weights for you.


Finally, if you are already in our fabric club or BOM program -- we can coordinate mailings so that you do not double up on postage cost.



Month 1 - $65.00 plus P&H

Months 2 – 12 - $40.00 plus P&H/ month

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