HORIZONS by Kathy Doughty

Travel in your mind to the horizon…where the earth meets the sky….where the familiar morphs into the universe…where discovery abides and possibilities are limitless. Powered by the sun, the Australian horizon inspired me to create mood in a glance with light lines and shadow, vibrant color and dusty dream shades. The outback is a unique world where the key element is contrast. Step in and share this place filled with surprise…birds that do not fly, trees filled with water! The expansive land is dotted with purpose built structures that draw life from the earth. Fencing checkers the landscape aiming to keep some things in and some things out! Horizons, a collection that is dynamic, diverse and useful in hue, scale and dimension. Enjoy an imaginary trip you can enjoy in the comfort of your own sewing station!

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Grassy Mirage - Dreamy

$3.75 / 25 cm

Wind Power - Vibrant

$4.50 / 30 cm

Magpie Dreaming-pattern

$14.00 / unit(s)

Horizon Lines - Pattern

$14.00 / unit(s)

Chain Link Horizons - Kit

$210.00 / unit(s)

Daydreaming - Pattern

$23.00 / unit(s)

Take An Element - Pattern

$14.00 / unit(s)

Windmills - Pattern

$14.00 / unit(s)

Grassy Mirage - Vibrant

$3.75 / 25 cm