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Average rating: 4.5
Wish this was a book
from on 7/12/2019
There are pics of everything and they are in colour. I wish there were more actual close ups of everything since there are so many embroidered details. Pattern worth $50??? It is a pattern vs. a book. Books are cheaper and I feel they will last longer. Since the pattern is only available in this form and it is such a nice quilt, I would probably still buy the pattern even knowing these details. I do wish these patterns were made into books and more widely available on places like Amazon etc to save on the high cost of shipping etc. On the plus side with this pattern not being a book form...if you only plan the make this once, there are paper piecing patterns, templates etc that can be cut and used directly from the pattern with no photocopying required. This pattern is as thick as a book and is so cute. Can’t wait to make it.
Such a fun quilt to make.
from on 18/04/2017
This was my first block of the month quilt and I loved every minute of making it. I learned so much. And it was a winner in a quilt show!


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